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2007.5-2019 Cummins Protect68 Gasket Plate Kit


BD Protect68 Gasket Plate Kit Dodge 6.7L 2007.5-2019 68RFE Transmission

Fits: 2007.5-2019 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L Cummins

Step up your line pressure with the BD Protect68 Gasket Plate Kit 1030373 in your 6.7L Dodge. It enables you to run 250psi in your 68RFE transmission with this BD Valve Body Separator Plate. The BD-Power exclusive design will eliminate cross leaks and P0871 codes. 


  • Seperator Plate
  • Valve Body Gaskets
  • Pan Gasket
  • 3 Doughnut Seals
  • Check Ball


  • Ideal for use with EFI Live, HP Tuners or H&S transmission pressure tuning
  • Custom BD valve body separator plate enables the transmission to make up to 250psi line pressure
  • Exclusive BD separator plate gaskets eliminate cross leaks and eliminate P0871 codes
  • This kit requires custom transmission tuning or an additional module to command higher line pressure

Part Number: 1030373